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The Public Health Institution (PHI) Special Hospital for Orthopaedics and Traumatology "St. Erasmus "- Ohrid is located on the shore of the lake near the town of Ohrid, which represents a travel, cultural and historical center in Macedonia. It is established on 19.07.1950 as a "Hospital for the treatment of bone-joint tuberculosis."

The past many years of professional, personnel and economic development create conditions, in addition to the treatment of bone-joint tuberculosis to successfully treat a whole range of other orthopedic diseases, to implement new methods of treatment of acute trauma and consequences of trauma to the locomotion system.

Following the modern trends in orthopedic surgery, traumatology and general reconstructive surgery, as well neurosurgery and urology, followed by physical medicine and rehabilitation, the position ofexpansive professional and personel policy affirms the position, implementing new methods and techniques of surgical performance and after surgical patient care and well beeign.

From this aspect, PHI Special Hospital for Orthopaedics and Traumatology "St. Erazmo" - Ohrid ensures the treatment of any disease in the specialist consultative and hospital health care of the locomotory system, including surgical and medicamentous, conservative treatment with physical therapy treatment and rehabilitation as an extended hospital treatment that follows:

  • Anomalies of the locomotory system, spraigned hips, deformities of the foot, neck, chest,
  • Diseases of the spine, tumors, extracting disc herniations, spinal distortions (kyphosis and scoliosis),
  • Surgical interventions of the hip and knee with application of endoprosthesis, osteotomies, plastics,
  • Knee - arthroscopic interventions, meniscectomy, synovectomies, arthrodesis procedures, treatment of pes equinovarus, flat feet, excavatus, varus, adductus,
  • Non-specific and specific inflammatory diseases of bones and joints,
  • Medical care for all types of fractures of the locomotory system,
  • Extending limbs and resolving pseudoarthrosises using the method "Ilizarov"
  • Surgery in the domaign of urology and plastic surgery,
  • Cerebral paralysis (conservative and surgical treatment)
  • Treatment with physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, heliotherapy, lasertherapy etc.,
  • Rehabilitation as an extended hospital treatment.

PHI Special Hospital for Orthopaedics and Traumatology "St. Erazmo" - Ohrid has medical departments with modern high-tech medical equipment and a complete information system (hardware and software) 24 hour internet connectivity and video surveillance.

PHI Special Hospital for Orthopaedics and Traumatology "St. Erazmo" - Ohrid is an area of 60.476,00 m2 with a total of 13.869,02 m2 built area for the purpose of health care (hospital blocks with associated infrastructure). The working capacity of the hospital is 237 hospital beds, and the optimal capacity is 205 hospital beds.

PHI Special Hospital for Orthopaedics and Traumatology "St. Erazmo" - Ohrid has proven and professionally qualified medical staff of34 physicians, including:

  • professor doctor of medical sciences – 1 urologist,
  • primarius specialists – 2 orthopedists,
  • specialist orthopaedics – 7,
  • specialist physiatrists – 9,
  • specialist anesthesiologists – 2,
  • subspecialist for orthopedics and traumatology – 1,
  • plastic surgery subspecialist – 1,
  • specialist in neurosurgery – 1,
  • specialist in medical biochemistry – 1,
  • specialist psychiatrists – 2,
  • specialist radiologists – 2,
  • specialist in general surgery – 1,
  • specialist neurologist – 1, and
  • neurosurgery resident – 1.

According to the program of vocational specialization, the following physicians should be addressed fot specialization:

  • Anesthesia - 2 trainees, and
  • Orthopedics - 2 trainees.

Special Hospital for Orthopaedics and Traumatology "St. Erazmo" - Ohrid to the date 10.10.2012 has a total of 243 employees with a sufficient number of nurses and nursing assistents.

In 2008 there have been over 1,260 surgical interventions, and the number of patients admitted to the medical care and rehabilitation is around 2,400.
In the period from january to december 2011 the hospital has treated 4.131 inpatient cases that stayed with companions (usually cases of children or elderly patients), 3.462 of the patients had health insurance from The Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Macedonia (HIFRM), precicely 2.915 diagnose/patients of which 2.420 HIFRM insured and 495 HIFRM non-insured patients.
Specialist – consultative health services have been provided to 36.097 diagnose/patients from which 34.945 are HIFRM insured and 1.152 HIFRM non-insured.
The number of surgical procedures is 1.747, of which 1.488 are HIFRM insured and 259 HIFRM non-insured patients.
The summary of hospital bed days is 63.527, 53.054 of which are HIFRM insuree’s and 10.473 are their copanions.
The percentage of occupancy of the capacities is 73.44 %, from which the average duration is 15.38 % of hospital bed days, which is long, and it is because despite the time needed for surgery and reanimation patients need or have choosed to stay for medical rehabilitation.
Thanks to the developed collaboration with eminent experts and renowned world-class institutions, PHI "St.. Erasmus "- Ohrid manages to be constantly updated with the worlds latest experiences and achievements, using the latest methods in the field of orthopedics and traumatology as well as application of the latest implants from Zimmer, Johnson & Johnson, Synthes, etc.., And application of all official medical protocols and clinical paths issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Macedonia. Intra-hospital infections are unknown to our hospital.

Within the hospital there are 20 suites with TV, internet, phone, special diet and special medical treatment in terms of medical care and rehabilitation.
A little history
The chronological development of our hospital duringmore than 60 years of existence has the following flow:

  • In the 50’s it was established as a special hospital for treatment of bone-joint tuberculosis, and the treatment of tuberculosis was conservative;
  • The end of the 50’s and the beginning of the 60’s: surgical treatments of the bone and muscule system in the treatment of tuberculosis and surgical treatments for children with polio consequences and inflammations of joints and bones, a system of early neonatal detection and prevention of congenital and developmental anomalies in newborns was implemented;
  • End of the 70’s: hip reconstructive surgery in children, endoprosthetical replacement of the hip joint;
  • Early 80’s: conservative and operative methods and techniques for the correction of spinal deformities are implemented, a paraplegia center which provides a conservative and surgical treatment of paraplegic patients and their rehabilitation was formed. In the early 80’s an an array of conservative and operative methods for the treatment of children with consequences of cerebral paralysis are implemented, as well as their rehabilitation.
  • In 1984 new methods and techniques for bone elongation and reconstruction of the long bones developed by Prof. Ilizarov from the Russian instutute in Kurgan has been preformed in our hospital (elongations, corrective bone reconstructions, pseudoarthrosis and bone defects and deformities of the foot from congenital or acquired nature).
  • In the 70’s and 80’s our hospital has generated numerous contacts and has developed a technical cooperation with a number of reference centers from the former Yugoslav teritories, as well as with institutions in France, Russia and Germany.
  • At the end of the 80’s and 90’s series of surgeries in the field of contemporary trauma following the principles of the AO / ASIF school are were implemented.
  • In the last few years we have successfully applied knee arthroscopy (1999) as well as improved endoprosthetic surgeries in congenital, traumatic and degenerative diseases of the hip (1994) and knee (2004), using primary and revisional arthroplasty, following the worlds trends for this issue. Daily we perform neurosurgical, urological and plastic-reconstructive surgical procedures. Traditional activities in the field of childrens orthopedics and traumatology are not neglected, as they represent the trademark of our institution.


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